Libra ascendant

Libra risings people are often perceived as attractive, romantic, and sweet. They can sometimes use a sharp tongue in a witty manner. The indecisiveness occasionally associated with this sign is rooted in a desire to make everyone happy. Represented by scales, Libras’ air sign signifies a constant effort to maintain peace and justice. Being ruled by Venus, the planet of love, Libra risings persons tend to have a flirty and ethereal nature, fitting for this sign of partnership.

There is always a light side and a dark side in every zodiac sign. What follows is a theoretical description of extreme and opposite behaviour which are generally not that intense in a person. For Libra Ascendant, it can be summed up like this:
Bright sun

The bright side

  • Attractive and romantic
  • Sweet and charming personality
  • Desire for harmony and justice
  • Natural peacemaker and mediator
  • Flirty and ethereal nature
  • Strong sense of aesthetics
  • Appreciation for art and beauty
Bright sun

The shadow side

  • Indecisiveness and difficulty making choices
  • May avoid conflict and suppress true feelings
  • Tendency to prioritize others’ needs over own
  • Possible people-pleasing tendencies
  • Can be passive-aggressive or avoid confrontation
  • Risk of losing identity within relationships
  • Struggles with assertiveness and setting boundaries
Remember, these characteristics are generalizations, and individual personalities can vary within each astrological sign.
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