Leo ascendant

People with Leo ascendant are often perceived as confident, dynamic and fun. They usually possess a highly creative spirit that inspires others to live their best lives. The Leo season falls in summer. So people inherit a carefree, sunny energy all year round. Like a child, Leo ascendants love to live in the moment and can sometimes be demanding. However, not everyone can keep up with this fiery energy, and these people can be easily hurt by detractors who don’t understand this exuberance. As a child of the zodiac, Leo’s ruling planet is the mighty Sun, which means that Leo ascendants are destined to be in the spotlight. What’s more, they’re likely to have beautiful hair and a fantastic sense of style.

There is always a light side and a dark side in every zodiac sign. What follows is a theoretical description of extreme and opposite behaviour which are generally not that intense in a person. For Leo Ascendant, it can be summed up like this:
Bright sun

The bright side

  • Confident and vibrant
  • Flair for the dramatic
  • Highly creative and inspiring to others
  • Carrying a carefree and sunny spirit
  • Natural ability to command attention
  • Bold and charismatic presence
  • Excellent sense of style
Bright sun

The shadow side

  • Possibility of being demanding or attention-seeking
  • Tendency to seek validation and admiration
  • Potential for becoming self-centered or narcissistic
  • Difficulty handling criticism or being overshadowed
  • May overlook others’ contributions
  • Risk of being overly prideful or arrogant
  • Impatience with slower-paced situation
Remember, these characteristics are generalizations, and individual personalities can vary within each astrological sign.
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