Uranus’ Light

December 22, 2023

According to Richard Tarnas, in Cosmos and Psyche, the planet Uranus is a misnomer. Discovered in 1781, the first celestial body to be found since Antiquity, located beyond the orbit of Saturn, it seemed logical to name it after the father of Cronos: Ouranos.

In the collective mind, this fortuitous find was in keeping with the zeitgeist, the culmination of the Enlightenment and the arrival of the American and French revolutions. Since then, the star has been associated with everything sudden, rebellious, spontaneous and libertarian. According to Tarnas, it would have been better to name this particular planet—its poles face the sun in turn, rather than the equator—Prometheus.

Astrologers were quick to associate Uranus with the sign of Aquarius, the archetype of universal, humanistic and individual thought, fiercely focused on the future.

In a birth chart, this planet confers a rebellious, unpredictable nature on the individual, inviting genius or eccentricity. Donald Trump was born with a Sun/Uranus conjunction. If ever there was a man of particular stature, it's him. Moreover, he was born on a full Moon day, giving him all the qualities and flaws of an adventurer or unstable person. In a way, Trump is upsetting the already too rebellious and infantile American nation. He is more a symptom than a cause of the shattering of this country's fragile political equilibrium. And this isn't the only place where the Earth's crust is cracking.

You can expect anything from Uranus/Prometheus. Pluto enters Aquarius for good. A volcano is brewing. New technologies will electrify and turn minds upside down. Artificial intelligence may enable Men, Women and their Children to free themselves from the yoke of the old gods and demons. But at what cost? We have yet to find out.

This is the age of robots, nuclear fusion, and the discovery of the infinitely small governing the infinitely large. The human mind is plugged into multicoloured, fast-moving screens, promising vertigo-inducing possibilities. Knowledge is intoxicating. The universe opens up before our eyes and our consciousness.

Will we become greater than Nature, or simply a cybernetic transformation of ancient symbols? Ouranos, god of the dark, starry sky, was betrayed by Earth, emasculated by his son Cronos, and his testicles thrown into the sea. Around them, a foam formed, from which Venus was born.

This is not the first time that Beauty is born of Blood. Prometheus was punished by Zeus for appropriating divine fire and giving it to men and women.

Can we extricate ourselves from this evil, eternal game of Creation through Pain? What does Uranus promise? Will we have the strength, the ability and the audacity to understand true deliverance? But what do I know about it? There's a fine line between chaos and order, between barbarism and civilization.

The passage of Uranus through our lives forces us to question and renew our contract, our participation in the human adventure. When this planet crosses the seventh sector of a birth chart, for example, we tend to predict that the individual will divorce or experience unusual instability in relationships. In reality, Uranus reminds us of our primary duty to nurture and respect our own fire.

Revolutions don't have to be bloodthirsty, and the freedom of some can be inspired and nourished by others. Humanity still has much to learn from Uranus. May the earthquakes of our soul and imagiation be with us until our last breaths.

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